How To Handle A Counter Offer

30th January 2023, Tara McManus



Letting your boss know you’re leaving for pastures new can be difficult, even more so when they counter-offer you in an attempt to get you to stay!

To quote The Clash- should you stay or should you go?

A counter offer is when your current employer offers better compensation or benefits to keep you from leaving. This blog explores how to handle such situations effectively.

Comparing Offers

When faced with a counter offer, compare both positions, considering responsibilities, location, salary, and benefits. Assess which role aligns better with your long-term career goals.

How to Hand in Your Notice

Consider Company Culture

Research your potential new employer’s company culture through sites like GlassDoor or TotalJobs. This insight helps you make an informed decision and possibly escape an unhappy workplace.

Reflect on Your Motivation

Revisit why you started job hunting in the first place. Was it solely about money, or were there deeper cultural issues? Can these issues change, and if not, can you tolerate them? Remember, most employees who accept counter offers leave within a year. 

Seek Advice

Discuss the offers with trusted friends, family, or your recruitment consultant. Their perspective can provide clarity and guide your decision-making process without any pressure. Friends and family are great for this, but if there’s no one to talk to your recruitment consultant can give a helping hand.

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Time is of the Essence

Remember that both parties involved want a timely response. Ideally, make your decision within 24-48 hours to avoid losing both opportunities.

Stay and Communicate

If you choose to stay, inform your recruitment consultant and current boss promptly. This allows for contract adjustments and consideration of other candidates, if any.

Leave Professionally

If you decide to leave, formally accept the job offer from your new employer. Notify your current employer politely, rejecting their counter offer. Maintain a positive relationship as you hand in your notice. If you need help handing in your notice then read our article about the matter here! 

Your Career, Your Choice

Ultimately, prioritise your long-term career goals. Counter offers can complicate matters, but sacrificing future opportunities for loyalty may not serve your best interests. Make the decision that empowers your growth.

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