Long-Term Relationships

At Connectment, we prioritise establishing partnerships with our clients, and collaborating closely with them on projects to attract the finest talent.


Since our creation in 2013, we have cultivated a trustworthy reputation built upon our experience, unwavering professionalism, and commitment to honesty.


We fully comply with GDPR guidelines, ensuring client information’s utmost security and confidentiality. Through transparent communication and regular updates, we strive to keep our clients well-informed at every stage of the process.


Experienced Approach


Connectment Energy have over 20+ years of market knowledge, providing an excellent and current approach to the industry.


Extensive Network

Our teams have organically built their networks over many years and have access to a range of platforms and tools to continue growing.



We cater to various businesses by implementing bespoke solutions. Through consultations, we learn about the company culture to make sure our services suit their environment.


Flexible and Competitive


Our services are truly value for money and we always give 110% to any client we work with, delivering the most strategic recruitment services in the industry.



We cover all recruitment areas from office to site-based staff, as well as positions ranging in seniority.


Commercially Aware

We’re commercially driven and focused on helping create sustainable growth, revenue streams and other opportunities within our client’s business.



Service Portfolio

Permanent – A fee is only applicable once a candidate is successfully placed and started with the company. The benefit of this method is having no obligation to pay a fee until the project is completed successfully.


Contract – We can provide contract team members who are typically in interim or short-term positions. This provides flexibility to recruit for peak times and reduces headcount for the downturn.


Project Recruitment -We can provide teams for projects all over the world and we manage the process from start to finish.


Search and Selection – Most effective on senior roles over £100K. This method requires the client to pay a 3rd upfront, a 3rd after the shortlist, and a 3rd on completion.