Transmission and Distribution


Independent Connection Providers (ICP) are accredited companies that provide services to clients on the energy network.

Connectment has been working with ICPs for many years, providing talented professionals to operate on contestable works.

Over the past 10 years, we have contributed numerous cable jointers, project managers, and design engineers to clients across the UK and Europe.


Connectment understands the value that Independant Network Operators (IDNO) bring to the market. We have recently sourced some of the leaders in this field across asset management and grid connections for multi-national businesses.

By bridging the gap between skilled professionals and multi-national businesses, we continue to play a pivotal role in driving forward the advancements and sustainability initiatives within the energy sector.

Private Networks

Private Wire Networks or Private Networks are essential infrastructures built to support private companies like hospitals in case of a national grid failure.

We provide essential staff that will assist in the operation, maintenance, asset replacement, to the full design of high-voltage networks.

Connectment remains steadfast in its mission to help Private Networks providers meet evolving market demands.

Grid Connections

Grid Connections serves as the cornerstone of energy infrastructure, integrating renewable energy sources like wind, solar and hydro into the national grid.

Leveraging our extensive industry knowledge, Connectment has cultivated strategic partnerships with leading Grid Connection providers and ICPs facilitating the design and construction of projects.

Over the past decade, our assistance to this sector has been significant, with a considerable number of talented engineers, project managers, and support personnel provided to clients across the UK and Europe.

We recruit for a range of disciplines within T&D including but not exclusively:


Project Managers

Cable Jointers (HV/LV/EHV)

Fitters (HV/LV/EHV)

Switchgear (LV/HV/EHV)

Tendering/Estimating Engineers

Commissioning Engineers

Design Engineers

Electrical Engineers

Mechanical Engineers

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