The transportation industry is pivotal to infrastructure, serving as a foundation for economic growth and urban development. With the advancement of new technologies like Electric Vehicles, there is an increasing demand for supportive infrastructure.

Our global connections to experts within air freight & logistics, rail and highways put us at the forefront of Transportation recruitment.

Leveraging our expertise, Connectment collaborates with leading companies worldwide to meet their unique talent needs.


Utilities, encompassing water, gas, and electricity, are an important part of infrastructure, providing essential services that underpin daily life and economic activities.

With the increasing amount of Highways and Construction projects underway, companies must balance the delivery of multi-utility services whilst adhering to regulations.

By bridging the gap between skilled professionals and visionary businesses, Connectment continues to play a crucial role in driving forward the advancements and sustainability initiatives within the Utilities industry.

Public Facilities

The construction and maintenance of schools, hospitals, libraries, and parks require a diverse range of expertise, from project managers and engineers to architects and environmental specialists.

As cities expand and evolve, the need for sustainable and innovative solutions becomes more critical, ensuring that public spaces meet the needs of the present while being adaptable for the future.

Connectment is equipped to fill these critical roles to support our client’s and candidate’s needs. From (Design Engineers to Project Managers), our ability to source the best talent across Europe and the US sets us apart from our competitors.

Data and Technology

The demand for data centres is rapidly on the rise, as highlighted by the CEO of British utility National Grid, who predicts a staggering six-fold increase in demand over the next decade.

Connectment understands the growing need for reliable, experienced candidates to facilitate the design, build, and maintain cutting-edge infrastructure solutions.

We recruit for a range of disciplines within the Infrastructure Industry including but not exclusively:

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