Job Advice From a Recruiter

17th June 2022, Tara McManus

So, you’ve been scrolling through job boards, putting your CV out there, and you receive a call from a recruiter hours later. You might think, what’s the point? I can find a job myself!

Before you hit ‘reject call’ here are three things our recruiters want YOU to know.

Connect to Connect

Not every job opportunity a consultant presents is appropriate for you, but that doesn’t mean the conversation has to end there! Maybe you have a friend or an old colleague searching for a new job; by connecting the two, you are helping both the consultant and your friend! In the current job climate, it’s always great to give a helping hand to those looking for work. Who knows, the favour may be returned in the future.

At Connectment we have a referral scheme in place! When you refer someone to our consultants and they are successfully placed with a client, we will pay you a fee for your help. There is no limit to how many people you can refer- as long as they are placed and begin working at their new position, we will pay. This way everyone wins!

Be honest with what you want

One of the biggest things recruiters value most is honesty; it makes the process much smoother and allows us to help you to the best of our ability. We’ve all been there, maybe after some consideration the job isn’t as well matched as you thought, or the location or salary just doesn’t suit. Instead of ghosting, let us know. It’s better to keep us updated so we don’t waste your time, the clients’ time or our time. We can either look at new positions or part ways for now!

Show the REAL you

It’s always tempting to exaggerate yourself slightly to try to get into some great companies, but be wary! This can get you into some sticky situations. Lying about your qualifications or experience can turn out pretty bad, especially if they ask you to explain or expand in your interview. Some companies make candidates complete tests too, if it’s a little of your depth you risk looking like an idiot- and so do we. Be honest with your recruiter, they will try their best to place you at the appropriate company and give advice on how to achieve your ideal career path! At the end of the day, our whole job is to find YOU a new position.

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Retention Retention Retention

At Connectment, our main goal is employee retention. We want to make sure that the candidates we place stay long term, which means we want you to be 100% happy! We take our time to walk you through our clients and get to know your requirements including career goals, travel limitations and salary. We’re proud to have a retention rate of 85%-90% and are always striving to improve. It only benefits us to place you at the most appropriate company, so don’t think we just place people willy nilly. Our service is bespoke to you and your requirements as well as our clients!

Get in Touch

If you think you’re ready for your next adventure, get in touch and see what we have available! Connectment, connecting YOU to success.

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