Is AI The Future of Recruitment?

6th April 2023, Tara McManus

AI in recruitment uses tech like machine learning and natural language processing to make hiring easier. It can help with finding and evaluating candidates, so companies can focus on finding the best fit for their team.

But is it the way of the future or does it, like most technology, come with it’s faults?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has totally changed the game in recruitment these days. It’s made things much simpler by reducing the time and cost needed to find, screen, and pick qualified candidates. But just like any other technology, there are good things and bad things about using AI in recruitment.

What is AI?

Basically, AI uses a lot of data to spot patterns and relationships. With these patterns, it can make predictions, find trends, or do things normally only humans can do.

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The Good Stuff about AI in Recruitment

  1. Saves Time: AI makes it easier to find the right candidates by doing things like automatically screening CVs and scheduling interviews. This means recruiters can focus on more important stuff like talking to potential candidates and seeing if they fit in with the company
  2. Less Bias: When it comes to hiring, there can be a lot of bias. Sometimes people don’t even realize it’s happening. By removing human error, AI can avoid bias by not looking at things like gender, ethnicity, or age.
  3. Better for Candidates: AI can make the recruitment process more efficient and speedy in terms of feedback and interview organisation. Candidates might prefer this process as automatic replies and updates can keep them informed.
  4. Better Quality Hires: Programming can allow AI to look at things like a candidate’s past performance, skills, and behaviour to figure out if they’re a good fit for the job. The more information inputted the more this technology can learn and adapt. This can help find people who will do well in the job and stick around for a while.

The Not-So-Good Stuff about AI in Recruitment

  1. Lacks Personal Touch: AI can’t really understand human emotions or build trust with people like humans can. It’s good for doing things like screening CVs, but not so great for figuring out if someone is a good cultural fit for the company. According to Forbes, 86% of people prefer to deal with a human rather than an AI chatbot.
  2. Limited Scope: AI can’t always figure out things like how creative or good someone is at communicating. These soft skills are often integral to a lot of jobs and AI can’t always pick up on them. For both candidate and client, understanding whether someone is likely to be a good culture fit is very important for longevity.
  3. Risk of Bias: Sometimes, AI can be biased if it’s not programmed and trained the right way. It might look at old data that are biased and end up excluding qualified candidates. Amazon actually stopped using AI recruitment programmes as they found AI could detect gender and discriminated against female candidates.
  4. Not Transparent: AI can be really complicated, which can make it hard to understand how it’s making decisions. A candidate might not understand how this technology comes to its decisions and might be upset at its choices. This can be confusing for everyone involved in the recruitment process.

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To sum it up, AI has good and bad impacts on recruitment. Although it’s good for making the process faster and more diverse, it’s not so great at the personal stuff. We need to find a balance between using AI and human judgment to make sure that we not only source the right candidates but make sure everyone is happy with the recruitment process.

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